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Top Genetic Disorder Doctors In Bikaner

Top Genetic Disorder Doctors in Bikaner

Genetic disorders in your little one can be cured with the top genetic disorder doctors in Bikaner. The genetic disorder is identified as a disorder that arises due to potential abnormality in the genetic makeup of the individual. Genetic diseases are generally caused due to significant changes in the genes or mutation in the DNA sequence of the children. The genetic disorder specialists explain that genetic disorders can be caused in babies due to inheritance from the parents. There can be multiple types of genetic disorders such as:

  • Chromosome abnormalities
  • Mitochondrial inheritance
  • Multifactorial inheritance
  • Single gene inheritance

Overcome major genetic diseases with the Top genetic disorder doctors in Bikaner

The top genetic disorder doctors in Bikaner provide specialized treatment services for treating multiple genetic diseases. Down Syndrome is one of the chromosomal disorders that are not directly inherited through the parents' genes but it generally occurs when the baby has excessive or very fewer copies of the chromosome. This type of genetic disorder plays a major role in determining how the brain and the body of the child develops. This can further lead to physical and mental difficulties for the baby and can become a lifetime problem. To avoid the chances of occurrence of down syndrome during the pregnancy, the doctors in Bikaner conducts certain types of diagnostic and screening tests.

In addition to this, prenatal tests are one of the effective methods for the detection of genetic disorders and it enables the expectant mother to remain aware of the various infections and genetic conditions that might be dangerous to the health of the fetus. Thus, detection of any genetic abnormality ahead of time enhances the chances that the disorder can be cured to some extent.

The top genetic disorder doctors in Bikaner emphasize that certain types of a genetic disorder can be detected during the pregnancy while some disorders can be recognized only after birth. Therefore, an effective genetic screening before or during the pregnancy period can guide couples regarding how to begin a family in case one or both parents are carriers of genetic mutations, such as cystic fibrosis or Down Syndrome. Moreover, depending on the type of genetic disease, there can be limited treatment options in the form of surgery and medications while in other cases, it is advised to follow specific diets along with necessary lifestyle interventions so that positive outcomes can be achieved.